About Mx Rouge

Ruby-Rouge is a queer (preferring the neutral pronoun: they/them/person), polyamorous, geeky, feminist kinkster, living in The Shire, UK with their beloved husband and cat.

This blog is a collection of musings and thoughts along the journey of life, covering  topics such as polyamory, BDSM, feminism, politics, gender identity, philosophy, sexuality and more besides. Once a month Ruby writes as part of the Poly Means Many collective. Some posts may be triggering, warnings will be posted.

Whilst contact from poly/non-monogamy community types are welcomed, mainstream media folks can save us all some time by not contacting Ruby to ask them to be a part of their programme/book/article, because the answer will be no. All rights are reserved, and there is to be no reproduction, quote or replication of anything on this blog without the prior written approval of Ruby.